A Story of Energy

A Story of Energy

Mario Sechi
WE – World Energy is the new headline for Oil Magazine. A change of name that does not change the mission of the magazine, but it aligns even more accurately the contents and physiognomy with the latest evolutions of the international energy scenario

Do you want to find out where the world is going? Look to see which way energy is going. Do you want to help your neighbor? Help him discover energy. Do you want to be successful? Put lots of energy into it. Do you want to get to the very end of everything? Go where your energy (and heart) take you. A five-year-old child looking at a compass said: "something behind things, something deeply hidden." Energy. That child was Albert Einstein, who established the mathematical formula of our "short century" (coined by the great historian, Eric Hobsbawm) and changed it forever with a mathematical leap into the future: E=Mc2. Mass and speed, the ultimate outcome is the origin of everything: energy. The formal elegance of that Einstein equation struck me as a child, its simple force, its nuclear depth summed up in a glow of light, the beginning and the end, the Big Bang, a sensation manifestly represented by the only true artistic and literary stream that Italy has ever had: futurism, the movement of a mass that seems to have sprung from a painting by Umberto Boccioni. Energy. The world moves: speed, mass, energy. we-world energy-tells it as a sudden movement, a pause, a jump, a vibrant zigzag.


An observation tower on the energy industry

This journey is a unique observation tower. We’re talking about genius, work in the making, construction, projects, today and, especially, tomorrow. Until yesterday, this story was driven with style and wisdom by Gianni Di Giovanni (it is true, Gianni is a "second-hand, but good as new" vehicle, thank you). Now, it is my privilege to attempt to take a leap forwards under a new name: we. Us. A choral work of which the men and women of Eni are the beating heart. In order to understand in which direction the world is going, you need to follow energy, its routes, its vast and powerful paths, such as those of the great rivers on whose banks civilizations are born and die. Large lungs are needed to travel long, far-away distances. Energy is the greatest transformation factor, an opportunity to build education, culture, state and well-being. As well as peace. It is the reality of Nation Building, based on the creation and distribution of wealth. Energy.


The principle of everything: supreme human activity

All this is possible thanks to the presence of men, women, technology, the combination of production factors, business. Defining energy as a "sector" is a semantic error. It is a reduction of its dimension to an "operation," instead of a grand design, a vision. Enèrgheia was a word coined by Aristotle to capture something that is present in space and produces effects. A combination of dynamis and enèrgheia. A sector? No. We are at the beginning of everything, philosophy, politics and supreme human activity. The dimensions in this planetary game of discovery, distribution and transformation of energy are fundamental. At the center of everything is the market, demand and supply, the cost and final price of energy and finance, trading, the physical and metaphysical dimension of Wall Street’s daily sales and purchases.We are faced with increasingly complex challenges in an accelerated world where old paradigms are rusty. Great courage, culture and imagination are needed. All this is called contemporaneity, the spirit of time, Zeitgeist. This is the world in which we move. Energy is the number one Grand Slam game in globalization (there are two, an old and a new, as brilliantly explained by Richard Baldwin in The Great Convergence, a book published in 2016 by Harvard University Press), giving movement and strength to the winners, but not allowing (as we have seen) the existence of the losers to be forgotten. we tells of this new world, without forgetting the great (and small), good (and bad), useful (and useless) of the past. History is the teacher of life, while we are its distracted students looking to tomorrow. Energy is us. we.


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