The future challanges of China Diplomacy
The 19th PCC Congress focused on foreign policy and particularly on Socialism with Chinese characteristics. This envisions a series of strategies for the future including at the global level, of which the construction of the "New Silk Road" is a prime example

As Professor Joseph Nai recently pointed out, over the past five years, China has made great achievements and the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party has been continuously strengthened. The victory of the 19th CPC Congress also indicates the big focuses of the future of China's domestic and international development. The report of 19th CPC Congress on China's foreign affairs has clearly addressed  The Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and basic strategy, which clearly put forward the great diplomacy of Chinese characteristics to promote the construction of new international relations, to promote the construction of Human destiny community. The "Though of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era" put forward and established in the 19th National CPC Congress, which is the guiding ideology and action guide for China's comprehensive construction of modernization, It clarifies the goals, tasks, strategies and paths for the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the next 30 years The Also teach us how to scientifically judge and understand the new look of  China's diplomacy, which will present in its new era, take on new tasks ti deal with new opportunities and various risks and challenges

Laying the foundations for a new future

 First, the socialism with Chinese characteristics is coming into a new era, China's diplomatic mission will achieve a new international Responsibility: China's diplomacy will achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and promote the construction of "human destiny community" with more organically unified, tells the world that China  wants to work together with the international community by Building a world of balanced and common development. It also makes the people in the world know that the Chinese Communist Party is a party that is working for Chinese people’s happiness. Second, the socialism with Chinese characteristics coming into a new era means that China's diplomacy in addition to considering the development of the country, creating security for a good external environment as a traditional task, but also to strengthen the road design, theoretical innovation, institutional development, cultural construction for such Importance. The new era of China's diplomacy will not only show more achievements in the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also more consciously in the world stage, in the construction of Belt and Road Initiative" ,which will  formulate a more dynamic and penetrating force of foreign cooperation. Third, the new combination of the Chinese dream, Chinese wisdom and Chinese programs. Today's human society is facing enormous challenges, such as peace and development, security and conflict. Given the China's program of "human destiny  community" concept, through the enrichment and development of "peaceful development of road", "mutual benefit and win-win strategy", "justice-profit view", "new security concept", "new development concept" "New Civilization Exchange", "New Ecological Security", "Global Governance" and a series of new ideas,  to promote the construction of "human destiny community" provides a theoretical guidance. Finally, the socialism with Chinese characteristics coming into a new era also requires us to raise the level of understanding of the regulation of the modern times, accurately grasp the development of China's strategic opportunities for the conditions of change. Going with the flow. This also requires us to view the world with historical materialism and dialectical materialism philosophy, history, to grasp the development trend of the times and trends, and thus guide the revival of the Chinese nation.

Crisis management skills to promote global governance

Throughout the 19th CPC Congress, Looking carefully at China and the world of complex relations, the opportunities of China's diplomacy we have to make calm analysis and judgment for risks and challenges scientifically, which also ask us to continue to study how to deal with and manage the "complex after the rise of China - the rebound of the complex systemic effects", the correct estimate of the "international populism" on the "global cooperation", when some of the major powers are still containing China, the Chinese people has to have psychological preparation and strategic planning. This also need Chinese people to continue to strengthen the various crisis management capabilities and the implementation of various programs. In short, China will continue to promote the global governance process in the future, to build "human destiny community".