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US Energy

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Beijing and Washington shake hands

At the center of the talks between Trump and Xi Jinping are trade, the waiver of tariffs on Chinese imports to the United States, and the threat of North Korea, for which China would be willing to put pressure on Pyongyang, as requested by the U.S.

American Energy First

President Trump's energy policy confirms the energy sector-friendly goals he set during the campaign, with emphasis on the relaunch of drilling and the abandonement of Barak Obama's environmenteal policy

The U.S. energy team

When defining his government team, President Trump has already specified certain individuals that will have the biggest impact on the country's energy future

An uncertain futur

Energy production, trade and climate are occupying Trump's agenda, but the strategies that the new U.S. administration will adopt in these sectors are still uncertain. This is why oil and gas market experts are foreseeing yet another year of uncertainty

An epochal tax cut and farewell to Obamacare

In his first speech before the Congress. US President Donald Trump outlined and ambitious agenda with a flair of optimism. From immigration to health care reform, here are the salient points of his speech

US, between Diplomacy and Energy

The former CEO of ExxonMobil, now Secretary of State, has already made it clear that what the US guidelines will be on international relations. Here is an illustrrative overview of the issues currently on the table at the White House: from Iran to Libya, from Climate Change to the Carbon Tax.

Oil 10: Interview with Rex Tillerson

In this article published in June 2010 titled "Energy autonomy: a Chimera for the US", then ExxonMobil CEO and current US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, claimed that The United States had to continue benefiting from resources produced by neighbor countries such as Mexico and Canada. The Administration should ensure fair competition and stable policies to help companies

The first moves of the White House

A few hours after his official inauguration, Trump has put in place a number of measures that seemed merely the result of the election strategy: away then the construction of oil pipelines blocked by Obama, the dismantling of plans against climate change and construction of the wall between Mexico and the USA

Challenging the world

From banning any restrictions on fracking and oil extractions to rejecting environmental constraints, Donald Trump is preparing to overturn every energy paradigm of Obama's administration

The market will decide

Donald Trump will learn soon enough that market and domestic politican pressures, not government regulation, will continue to define what's possible

Shale revolution: A story yet to be written

Gas production in the US hit a rough patch this year due to low prices. Yet its future looks bright, considering the potential of Asian markets, which are signficant importers of blue gold, and EU market, where it could compete with Russian gas