Qatar Focus: What is happening in the Middle East

Qatar Focus: What is happening in the Middle East

Editorial Staff


Confusion in the Gulf

by Stefano Silvestri - The hardship of the positions against Qatar taken by the Saudis, the UAE and Bahrein is unprecedented and was immediately followed by Iran's major openings to Doha. Hopefully diplomatic mediators will manage to put a curb on the crisis

Clashes between brothers

by Bassam Fattouh - The diplomatic crisis that hit the Persian Gulf area and, especially, Qatar, has, for the time being, has had no obvious consequences on the energy markets and trade routes, but it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future, especially in terms of gas exports

Qatar, between isolation and diplomacy

by Giuseppe Acconcia - The measures taken against Doha by certain Arab countries, which are also welcomed by President Trump, could place the Gulf country in serious difficulty, with the possibility of its Turkish and Iranian "allies" coming to its rescue

Qatar, the Dolphin pipeline still operational

The large energy infrastructure that delivers gas from Qatar to Oman has not stopped working, despite the diplomatic crisis affecting the Gulf area. Doha has continued to supply some of the countries, such as Egypt, that have isolated Qatar, which remains the largest liquefied gas (LNG) exporter in the world