Offshore Mediterranean Conference

Offshore Mediterranean Conference

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LNG, a key resource for leading the world towards a low carbon economy

by Elisa Maria Giannetto | The opportunities and challenges of a resource that has the potential to ensure the transition to a low carbon economy. Companies and entrepreneurs in the energy sector exchanged opinions on this issue at Ravenna during the last day of the OMC, with the aim of developing technological solutions to ensure a greener energy usage

Exploring the energy of the future

by Elisa Maria Giannetto | Interview with Cyprus' Energy Minister Georgios Lakkotrypis. Thanks to recent discoveries of gas the small island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean is playing an increasingly important role in the energy geopolitics of the area

A sea of energy opportunities

by Serena Sabino | From European energy security to the large gas fields of the Mediterranean, to Trump's latest moves in terms of climate change, the opening session of OMC 2017 in Ravenna, attended by Egypt's Energy Minister El-Molla and the CEO of Eni Claudio Desclazi, was an opportunity to take stock of the world's energy future

Follow the OMC in Ravenna, on Abo

by Editorial Staff | The 2017 OMC is underway in Ravenna, the event will serve as an opportunity for discussion to check on the progress of the policies that will make the Mare Nostrum a new central hub for the future of global energy

Long live gas

by Simona Manna - From Oil 33 | Blue gold will play a major role in supplying the world's energy for at least the next 40 years. What about climate change? If the U.S. really were to exit the Paris Agreement, the consequences would be serious. Interview with Ambassador Richard Morningstar, Director of the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center

A natural ally of renewables

by Serena Sabino - from Oil 33 | Interview with Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Director of the Internal Energy Market Division at the European Commission. The increased proportion of renewables in the energy mix will require clean and reliable backup sources, and gas is the only possible candidate for such a role. The E.U. is preparing to achieve the climate goals set for 2030 by redesigning the electricity market

A wealth under the sea

by Luca Bertelli - from Oil 31 | An unexpected sequence of discoveries, occurring since the early 2000s, has made the Eastern Mediterranean an area of high potential for gas extraction. Among them, the Zohr gas field has launched a new exploration prospect with significant mining potential, indicating a new model for the paleogeographic evolution of the Levant basin

Our strategy? To bring gas to Europe

by Simona Manna - from Oil 31 | The goal is to create a corridor for exporting blue gold to the European Union. The trilateral alliance with Israel and Greece - not only in terms of energy but also politics - will be crucial in this sense

The energy of Lebanon's dreams

by Bassam Fattouh and Laura El-Katiri - from Oil 31 | The lack of a clear legal framework for foreign investors is holding back planning for the extensive exploitation of gas fields, while neighbor-rivals such as Israel move forward

A low-cost formula

by Francis O'Sullivan - from Oil 33 | Gas impacts on our future energy choices will depend on the persistence of demand and the sustainability of prices that could fall further if the U.S. continues to support shale and LNG

New fuel for cooperation

by Maros Sefcovic - from Oil 31 | The energy potential of the Eastern Mediterranean has intensified the Euro-Mediterranean synergy and, in the future, will increase the liquidity of the European gas market and will have a positive impact on prices for end customers, as well as on the well-being of those who live in the heart of the Energy Union

The new gas routes

by Alessandro Scipione - from Oil 31 | South Stream has been set aside, Turkish Stream scaled back, and Nabucco effectively ended. New discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean have led to a supply system in flux

From gas to stability

by Rita Lofano - from Oil 31 | If supported by a suitable system of infrastructure, this energy source could "contribute, at least in part, to the stability of the Middle East. The hope is that in the future the area will be as quiet and peaceful as Europe"