Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference

Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference

Editorial Staff
The fourth edition of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference opens today, March 14, in Nicosia, Cyprus. An opportunity for discussion on the development of Eastern Mediterranean Energy. The Mediterranean is an area at the center of international attention thanks to the discoveries of the giant gas field Zohr and the Blatim SW-1 well, along with the upcoming licensing rounds for Cyprus, Egypt and Israel. The attendees will have the opportunity of discussing certain key points like fast tracking of the development of the area's resources and founding new partnership opportunities. Oil's special will follow the event's themes and developments.


Cyprus: The next big oil and gas destination?

The tiny Mediterranean island has potentially huge natural gas reserves and it could play an important role in the future energy security of Europe

Eni strengthens its presence in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

With the latest agreement signed with Totale to acquire 50% of the block 11, near the super-giant Zohr, the Italian company consolidates its operations offshore Cyprus

Oil companies focus on investments in Egypt

The reforms that the country is implementing include the oil market subsidies system, the part of the reform that the IMF considers essential to proceed with the loan promised to Egypt amounting to $12 billion. In addition to the good signs of the energy industry, agriculture is also growing

Mediterranean Sea, from gas to news opportunities for integration

The new found hydrocarbons resources in the Mediterranean may represent the pretext for long awaited regional integration

Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean: "pragmatism" is the watchword

While it is clear to many that gas in the Eastern Mediterranean is an opportunity for the entire region, it is equally clear that concrete initiatives on the industrial plan must be launched in adequate times and manner

The East Mediterraneangas revolution

The recent discoveries give the regione an unprecedented opportuinity to foster cooperation on energy and its exports, as well as to reach for diplomatic ways to handle the region's conflicts

Gas in the middle of the Mediterranean

by Giuseppe Acconcia | The latest agreement between Egypt and Cyprus further establishes the importance that blue gold plays in the energy strategies within the Mare Nostrum. Key players, especially countries on the Eastern side, first and foremost Israel, look to Cairo as a possible key partner for the development of new export routes

Lebanon upstream future potential and challenges

Recent surveys carried out offshore of the country have reported the presence of good oil and reserves, which could attract foreign investments. The volatility of global prices and the future global energy mix, in which alternative energy sources will play a significant role, however, threaten the future of exploration in the area

Our strategy? To bring gas to Europe

The goal is to create a corridor for exporting blue gold to the European Union. The trilateral alliance with Israel and Greece - not only in terms of energy but also politics - will be crucial in this case. Exclusive interview with Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus