CERAWeek by IHS Markit is the premier annual international gathering of energy industry leaders, experts, government officials and policymakers, as well as top executives from the technology and financial sectors. 2018 marks the 37th anniversary of this influential event, ranked among the top five "corporate leader" conferences in the world. From March 5 through 9 in Houston, Texas, CERAWeek 2018 will provide new insights and critically-important dialogue and an unmatched opportunity to engage with key decision-makers from around the world.

WhereHouston, Texas

The Global Smart Energy Summit brings together the institutional energy experts in the Asian region, putting them in comparison with those responsible for regulatory bodies, service companies, contractors, consultants and end users, around the development prospects of the so-called Smart Energy. This year's event will welcome over 700 participants interested in learning about the latest regional and international trends, with case studies concerning, among others, new energy technologies, Data & Digital Transformation, developments in Smart Grids and The future of storage energy.


In a world of smart energy solutions and big data, where energy efficiency and conservation will be crucial in helping us satisfy global energy demand, the Doha International Sustainable Energy Conference will provide participants with an excellent return on investment. It offers a far-reaching and diverse programme, one which has been shaped by energy professional and which will deliver exceptional insight, creating the perfect conditions to network and develop new business opportunities.


The fifth Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference (EMGC) takes place in Nicosia, Cyprus, providing attendees with the latest and most accurate information on the region’s developing natural gas industry, and the ability to gain entry to regional markets and seek potential new business partners. In its fifth year, EMGC is the region’s premier conference for companies operating in this rapidly evolving energy hub. The two-day conference will center around a high-level technical program featuring speakers from leading operating and service companies.



The International Energy Forum (IEF) is one of the largest dialogue platforms on the topics of the world's energy future. The IEF, that counts 72 member governments, facilitates the dialogue between international organizations to help strengthen political cooperation and consolidate the governance of global energy markets. At the forefront of this effort is the trilateral work program established between the IEF and the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). In 2018 the Ministerial Meeting (IEF16) will be hosted by the Indian government with China and South Korea as co-promoters. The agenda for the IEF16 will be based on the results of the IEF15, which took place in Algeria, and will take into account the latest developments in the energy market.