The event will bring together senior decision makers in the Kuwait and international oil and gas industry to highlight the opportunities and challenges of Kuwait energy in a global context, focusing on the development, diversification and growth of the economy.

The conference will feature lectures and presentations on all aspects surrounding oil, gas, water and product pipeline systems.

The Forum will canvass oil and gas-LNG investments, marginal field strategies, offshore plays, partnerships, government oil policies, future in Nigeria for Independents, the country’s oil and gas game, new corporate entrants, deals with foreign companies and  the emerging gas game.

The Forum seeks to address the major challenges faced by global cities, states and countries: Energy, Infrastructure, Finance, Trade and Innovation. It is also aimed at nurturing existing business relationships and building new ties through networking and targeted bilateral meetings






Where: The Cartegena Indias Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala Convention Center

Info: tel. +44/


It’s an annual conference that is specifically geared towards the real issues that affect the senior professionals who operate at the heart of the North Caspian oil and gas industry. The conference programme aims to provide delegates with expert advice and information about solutions to challenges faced by the industry in the region. Issues such as geology, meteorology, science, operations, logistics, technology and commerce provide a wealth of practical subject matter to engage the interest of suppliers and operators in the region.

This summit is an important opportunity for discussing recent developments in the energy world as well as future prospect for the oil industry. The conference will be attended by ministers, managers, institutional representatives and international experts, encouraging an exchange of ideas and allowing participants to share their assessments of the current international situations and the future of the global oil markets. The conference is organized every year by IFP Energies Nouvelles, by the weekly Pétrostratégies, and IFP Training.

EnergyMed, the trade show for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency, is now in its fourth year. Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency are increasingly at the center of action plans aimed at environmental sustainability. This is why EnergyMed is fast becoming the ideal setting in which to compare the state of the art in innovative sectors such as solar, wind, high efficiency boilers, biomass, recycling and energy from waste materials, low-impact vehicles and services.

Latin America, a thriving region of more than 600 million people, has a promising decade ahead. They offer remarkable opportunities for a growing number of modern industries to develop, while innovative reforms are being promoted to foster economic growth and improve the quality of life for the majority.