World CTL is a conference that will see experts from this sector share and debate subjects such as coal, biomass for hydrocarbons, liquid fuel, natural gas and chemical products. 

The most important energy conference of the year will address one fundamental issue at this year’s meeting, “Leading the Way: Energy Strategies for a World of Change”. The objective is to focus on how the energy system can address the needs of a growing world, the constant rise in energy demand, as well as the risks and opportunities present.

The OGU exhibition and conference is a valuable meeting point for the industry in Uzbekistan and is the largest oil and gas event in the country. As a direct result of recent government initiatives to encourage foreign investment, OGU has experienced several years of continued growth.

TUROGE is the largest oil and gas industry event in Turkey. The showcase attracts 50 to 100 exhibitors, 1,000 industry visitors from around the world and over 500 conference delegates. TUROGE reflects the growing interest in Turkey’s oil and gas sector caused by its strategic location as the regional oil & gas transportation hub between Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Containing exploration and production costs by using new technologies, while paying attention to possible synergies with renewable sources and trying to understand if and when the race for shale gas will begin in the Mediterranean, are the subjects that will be debated at the 2011 Offshore Mediterranean Conference, dedicated to "Global Energy and Mediterranean Opportunities."


Where: Parc des Expositions MICROPOLIS – BESANCON 3 Boulevard Ouest – B.P. 2019 – 25050 Besançon cedex
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Offshore Arabia 2011 will focus on current challenges that face the world, and the impact of the economic crisis on the environment, oil and gas and shipping industries. Offshore Arabia also considers the threat of piracy on global energy supplies and its effects on the world economy. Energy and environment are essential for sustainable development; therefore, Offshore Arabia Conference and Exhibition focus on energy, environment, advanced technologies, and renewable and sustainable development.

GIOGIE is Georgia’s leading oil and gas trade event. It takes place annually and is attended by over 150 delegates from 15 countries. High level delegations regularly attend GIOGIE from a number of countries including the USA, UK, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

KazRefinEx Special features a new format of business meetings and discussions: a technical symposium, three round tables, two day event, an exhibition and post presentations at the stands, the Refining Leaders Awards. In the period of the current global economic crisis it is important we develop an open dialogue and exchange the views regarding the current situation, a possible scenario of events and evaluations of the main risks by international experts, institutions and top managers of Kazakh oil and gas refining and petrochemical companies.