About us

The world of energy is under constant evolution. The march of progress in this universe is proceeding at an increasingly accelerated pace to respond to global demands based on principles of sustainability, widespread growth, digitization and security.

AboutEnergy.com looks to the future starting from an analysis of the present. It is a platform for international discussion and debate featuring the contribution of top-level experts, interviews with institutional representatives with responsibility for global energy development strategies, and infographics that provide even the least proficient viewers with a clear and immediate introduction to the energy sector’s complex expansion dynamics.

The website expands on and provides in-depth analysis of the contents of WE_World Energy, the international magazine on the energy world, published by Eni, the scope of whose experience and scientific expertise has earned it a position of great prestige in the international scene of sector-related media and which has a dedicated section in the website.

AboutEnergy.com thus aims to explain the world of energy, with uncompromising accuracy and authoritativeness, presenting its trends and leading players with a direct and intelligible approach, and with a view to understanding what the future will look like in a sector that inevitably affects all of us.